Our Program

Founders Classical Academy Online will offer a learning experience that closely follows our on-campus program.

Our instructional team will provide synchronous (live) and asynchronous learning opportunities for your child to complete daily. Students will work asynchronously to complete assignments. Younger students will need parent or caregiver assistance to complete some work. If choosing the classical model, you will need to block time out of your day to work with your child on their schoolwork.

Daily Commitment
  • For grades 4-8, there will be synchronous instruction each day. Students will have this time to meet in person with members of their instructional team and receive instruction and tutoring supports. The remainder of their day will be self-guided (with your help) and include asynchronous assignments to complete.
  • For grades 9-12, there will be synchronous instruction which may not be scheduled each day. Students in these grades will be expected to complete work in a self-directed way.

All students will have a learning mentor who will assist them with setting goals and staying on track to be successful in their learning. These mentors will be a liaison for caregivers, as well, to ensure that everyone has the supports they need.



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