At Founders Classical Academy, we pride ourselves on nurturing and educating the next generation of trailblazers through a rigorous program. Our unique approach to education is designed to prepare for leadership by not only equipping our students with a solid academic foundation but also instilling in them the critical thinking skills and moral character necessary to navigate and lead in an ever-changing world. We invite you to learn more about the transformative impact our program has had on our students by exploring the inspiring stories. Discover how Founders Classical Academy is shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Caitlynn Walsh

Join us in this inspiring journey of a Founders Classical Academy alum, Caitlynn Walsh. Discover how a once top high school student has risen through the ranks to become the esteemed Corps Commander at Texas A&M, setting the stage for her future with the Marines. This video delves into Caitlynn’s path to leadership, underpinned by the support of her family and the solid foundation built during her school days. It’s more than an alumni success story; it’s a testament to the influence of dedicated educators and supportive family on shaping leaders of tomorrow.